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Ruff Rider

Dwayne is upset because he did everything and gave everything to his girlfriend when he was in prison, and now she's banging the guy who fingered Dwayne and got him sent down in the first place. Niko offers to ask them for the money back, and Dwayne agrees.

Kill Cherise or Let Her Live?
Grab a vehicle and head down to the Arcade in China Town. Niko will confront the couple when you get there. Jayvon will run away like a sissy and you'll be given the choice whether you want to kill his girl or not.

CHOICE 1: Kill Cherise
If you kill Cherise, she will not appear further in the game as a random pedestrian.

CHOICE 2: Let Her Live
If you let Cherise live, you can meet her later on in the game and do a mission for her.

The Choice Is Made
Decide what you want to do with Cherise quickly, then jump on the bike and chase after Jayvon. If he escapes, you'll fail the mission. Drive-by him, and once he's dead, get his money.

Mother Clucker
Next, you'll need to head to Cluckin' Bell and meet Dwayne. Follow your GPS and make your way there. Head inside and speak to Dwayne. You'll give him the cash and Niko will explain what happened to Cherise (depending on your decision).

Mission Passed!
Reward $6000


Mission Tips

  • Make sure you've got some form of drive-by weapon before chasing after Jayvon. An Uzi will take him out very easily, but you might want to stock up on ammo first.

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First Posted: 29th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 51144

Guide Comments

Comment by Kuwong posted on 03rd May 2008:

You have a while to kill Cherise, as I spent a good minute punching her to death. If you leave her alive she will turn up later near north Holland. She'll appear as the same green man marker on the map.

She spins a tale of going straight and still loving danger, so she wants you to talk to her boyfriend who is hitting her. She makes a key point of not killing him, but I don't think you have a choice. Head to the apartment complex nearby and find her boyfriend.

all you have to do is beat him up until he either dies/falls unconscious. Either way, once he's down, head back to talk to her and the jobs done.

Shortly after finishing this you'll get a call from Dwayne, asking about you and Cherise hanging out and if you're an item or not. I'm certain it's harmless.

Reward-Unknown. I'm almost certain you get nothing for it.

Comment by Scribbles posted on 22nd Jun 2008:

The chase is near impossible on the first try. However, he takes the same get away route each time. I had to memorize the pattern he took and cut him off. If you axe both of them Dwayne is pleased, but you won't get to do the "civilian" mission later.

Comment by MzShante posted on 14th Jun 2009:

The mission is fairly easy. I passed on the first try. I didn't kill the girl instead i went after her boyfriend in my car and ran over him riding his bike. No chase was necessary. Dwayne was happy she didn't die.

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