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Street Sweeper

Manny has promised Francis McReary, a corrupt cop, that he will get rid of some drug dealers. As usual, that means you have to do it.

Garage Gunfight
Grab a vehicle and make your way to the garage where the gang members are located. My advice for this mission is to park your car in the middle of the street, right in front of the garage, but not too close. Perhaps on the opposite side of the road. Get out and get behind your car, using it as cover, then use manual aim and kill the guy sitting in the driving seat of car in the garage. Make sure you kill the people in the car first as they'll escape. If you lose them, it's mission failed.

Once the guys in the cars are dead, simply use your cover and take out the few remaining gang members in the garage.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1100


Mission Tips

  • If you have grenades or an RPG, they'll make quick work of these enemies.
  • Remember to move into the garage and pick up the cash and weapons from the dead bodies.

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First Posted: 29th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 16775

Guide Comments

Comment by Niko Bellic 01 posted on 06th May 2008:

If chasing the car is too hard for you then you should steal a truck and ram it right into the gang members car to prevent them from getting away just make sure to get out before they have a chance to start shooting you in the truck. Watch out for the guy with the machine gun near the gang members car.

Comment by Liquidice posted on 06th May 2008:

A good tip (that also goes for any mission that ends in a type of car chase) is to try and aim for the cars tires (if its able to pull away) and to keep your own car parked in a postion that makes it easy to pull away in.

Comment by Geekomac posted on 19th Oct 2008:

I'm playing on Xbox and the advice given did not work for me. While I would chase the car, anyone left at the garage would get away. I had to take the opposite approach -- take out the people in the garage and then chase the car. Since the car circles around, I can actually kill those at the garage and still meet the car at the intersecting street.

When I turn left onto the street down the block from the garage, I stay on the left sidewalk until even with the front of the garage, then I turn onto its corner with the front of the car next to the post on the corner so that I can get out of the car without being seen and the car has room to go down the street when I get back in it.

I get my pistol out, walk around the left of the post and shoot the two guys standing there. At point-blank range, it's easy. Another guy hides behind a post but with a full charge of armor, I just walk around and shoot him. (I think there was just 3 guy. If there were more, I shot them too before leaving. I don't remember.)

Then I run back to my car and go straight down the street in front of the garage. The other car went up the street that angles off to the right, then it turns left on a street that intersects the street I'm on. I hit their car with mine and trap it, get out and shoot them. Because of my poor aiming skills, one got away in the car and I just followed him without firing at him, so we outran the police. Eventually he stopped and got out of the car and I got out and shot him on the spot. The end.

Comment by §ynch posted on 20th Oct 2008:

QUOTE(Geekomac @ Oct 19 2008, 06:19 PM) [snapback]1469163[/snapback]
The end.

Psy's method is much easier.
Like he said, use grenades or an RPG.
I used the M4 and grenades, very short mission.

Comment by Stoic Person Eater posted on 20th Oct 2008:

QUOTE(§ynch @ Oct 20 2008, 12:21 PM) [snapback]1469215[/snapback]
QUOTE(Geekomac @ Oct 19 2008, 06:19 PM) [snapback]1469163[/snapback]
The end.

Psy's method is much easier.
Like he said, use grenades or an RPG.
I used the M4 and grenades, very short mission.


There's usually multiple methods to complete certain tasks in the game, some are more drawn out for some people than they have to be. It's all about the individual experience. But yeah, took me one try.

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