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Click the image above for a large map of the seagulls.
Click on any of the seagull location blips for a screenshot.
Please Note: Javascript must be enabled by your browser to use the image popups in the map above.

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First Posted: 21st Feb 2009
Guide Views: 119313

Guide Comments

Comment by Stoic Person Eater posted on 21st Feb 2009:


Good job to all those who helped find them.

Comment by saudi22 posted on 22nd Feb 2009:

thanks man

Comment by ezekiel 08 posted on 24th Feb 2009:

Sweet map! Can't believe you guys got it up so quick.

I'm finally doing the Pigeons for Niko's story, I'm so lazy!

I really hate the 'film grain' from TLaD, it makes the game look very ugly. You can see from the screen shots, terrible!

Comment by istealkegs posted on 26th Feb 2009:

to ezekiel, fyi you can turn off that visul noise in the display options.

Comment by ezekiel 08 posted on 17th Mar 2009:

Really? Darn, I must have skimmed over that option! Thanks for the heads up, I'm gonna play some more of TLaD with it off now!

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