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New Gay Tony Details From USA Today

An article was posted in USA today featuring an interview with Dan Houser. In it he talks about The Ballad Of Gay Tony. There are a few snippets of information we haven't heard before, including details of one mission which involves picking up a subway car with a Skyhook helicopter for a collector of rare items.

There's a new screenshot included with the article too, showing Luis Lopez walking along the top of, presumably, the train which he ends up "stealing".

Read the article at USA Today.

As if we need to remind you again, but the first trailer is released in about 7 hours time, so make sure you're fixed on GTA4.TV for all of the new details.

Posted On 01st Sep 2009 By Psy
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Comments The last comment was posted on 01st Sep 2009 by bOnEs
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Comment by Stoic Person Eater posted on 01st Sep 2009:

Good read.

Comment by bOnEs posted on 01st Sep 2009:

sounds fun... lol, houser says he wanted to get in touch with his inner "michael bay" laugh.gif...

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