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Latest News > First Ballad Of Gay Tony Screenshots!

First Ballad Of Gay Tony Screenshots!

Rockstar Games have just sent us the first batch of Official screenshots for the Ballad Of Gay Tony. Check out the 4 "fansite exclusive" images below, and remember, the trailer is coming on tuesday!

Hey guys,

As Im sure you are already aware, we are releasing the Debut Trailer for Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony on Tuesday, September 1st. I wanted to pass along these first few screenshots to you guys first, before anybody else. Enjoy!

[email protected]*

Posted On 29th Aug 2009 By Psy
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Comments The last comment was posted on 30th Aug 2009 by DuPz0r
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Comment by Massacre posted on 29th Aug 2009:

These are awesome, I can't wait to fly that new helicopter. There's so much chaos in these screens. The last one reminds me of the last Cortez mission from Vice City, I forget what it's called.

Comment by SirPsychoSexy posted on 29th Aug 2009:

Seems like Luis is in some crazy things, will be Awesome.

Comment by ConQueSteD posted on 29th Aug 2009:

OMG! I jizzed in my pants when i saw these. It will be amazing to see how this is tied into GTA IV.

Comment by DuffMan posted on 29th Aug 2009:

Oooh a little bird smile.gif

Comment by TwoFacedTanner posted on 29th Aug 2009:

QUOTE(Massacre @ Aug 29 2009, 02:36 PM) View Original Post
Is that a Mac 10 I see? Fucking amazing.

Thats an Uzi.

A mac 10 was already in the game.

Comment by Massacre posted on 29th Aug 2009:

Shit, you're right, I got confused. Haven't played in a while. We'll just sweep that little slip-up under the carpet.

Comment by TwoFacedTanner posted on 29th Aug 2009:

Its fine champ, we'll go get an ice cream later and forget all about it.

And WAIT! Where the fuck did that guy learn to fly a helicopter!?
Hell, where did Johnny learn?
So weird...Niko had an explanation...but they dont.

Comment by DuPz0r posted on 30th Aug 2009:

Lookin good.

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