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New Patrick Brown Artwork

We got a new amazing fan artwork out from Patrick Brown! This time hes done one up for the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony DLC coming soon to the 360. Take a look!

Posted On 14th Aug 2009 By OptimumPx
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Comments The last comment was posted on 18th Aug 2009 by punxtr
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Comment by Captain.Charisma posted on 14th Aug 2009:

Nice. Looking forward to TBGT. That could be on the cover, its that good.

Comment by Pyrocy posted on 14th Aug 2009:

Why hasn't Rockstar hired this guy yet?

Comment by neko_ceko posted on 14th Aug 2009:

QUOTE(Pyrocy @ Aug 15 2009, 12:34 AM) View Original Post
Why hasn't Rockstar hired this guy yet?

That's what I'm wondering too..

Comment by TreeFitty posted on 15th Aug 2009:

Very nice.

Comment by Psy posted on 15th Aug 2009:

Rockstar have linked to his work from their Twitter, so they obviously appreciate his work. He's insanely talented though and this image is awesome as usual smile.gif

Comment by DuPz0r posted on 15th Aug 2009:

Great stuff as usual.

Comment by punxtr posted on 18th Aug 2009:

Sweet deal.

Pat Brown, tried to run the cops down,
Pat Brown, run 'em into the ground...

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