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Blood And A Four Leaf Clover - New DLC?

According to GameSpot's rumour section, the new Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content will be called "Blood and a Four Leaf Clover" and will be released this Christmas.

The second Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable episode for Grand Theft Auto IV, subtitled "Blood and a Four Leaf Clover." The title may be a reference to the GTAIV mission Three Leaf Clover,where protagonist Niko Bellic helps Irish mobster Packie McReary and his brothers pull off a bank robbery straight out of the film Heat. It's apparently due "this Christmas."

I personally find it rather strange how they stumbled upon this information, so don't take it as anything but a rumour at the moment, however it's entirely possible that information on the new DLC will be released at E3, so stay tuned for further updates.

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Posted On 15th May 2009 By Psy
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