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Latest News > Lost and Damned To Be Released On PS3 This Year?

Lost and Damned To Be Released On PS3 This Year?

According to GamingFront, the magazine PSW has supposedly given details on the expansion pack for GTA IV, The Lost & Damned, being released on the PS3 Store.

Apparently the magazine claims that the $50 million deal that Microsoft had struck up with Rockstar was in fact only a 6 month deal, and PS3 players should be expecting TLAD around late August this year.

This is just a rumour of course, but keep watching this space for more information.

Thanks to The Marnstizzle for bringing this to our attention. Discuss this rumour here in the original topic on the forums.

Also, if anyone has this issue of PSW magazine and would like to clarify these details, then that would be appreciated.

Posted On 11th May 2009 By Zen
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