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More Awesome Artwork From Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown, an artist renowned for his stunning GTA-themed pieces of work, has released a new piece based on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Click to view full size.

View this artwork, and more, at his DeviantArt Page.

Posted On 16th Apr 2009 By Zen
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Comments The last comment was posted on 17th Apr 2009 by Seeen
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Article Comments

Comment by Sharpie Fetish posted on 16th Apr 2009:

Is Patrick Brown the guy who made the Niko with the AK infront of Statue of liberty back in 2007 i think it was?

Comment by ViceMan posted on 16th Apr 2009:


Comment by Stoic Marney Eater posted on 16th Apr 2009:

This guy is amazing.

Has anyone extended an invitation for him to be an honorary Gold Member on this site?

The least we could do is offer him Gold Porn for the amazing artwork he contributes.

Comment by marney2 posted on 16th Apr 2009:

This guy is superior to me in every aspect of life.

Comment by DuPz0r posted on 16th Apr 2009:

This guy has skill.

Comment by Seeen posted on 17th Apr 2009:

This piece is so awesome. Huang Lee rules! The sword is so fun to kill people with.

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