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Latest News > Alice updated to work with v1.0.3.0 patch

Alice updated to work with v1.0.3.0 patch

As most of you have probably noticed, the most recent GTA4 PC patch caused compatibility issues with most (if not all) previously released ASI modifications. Although there may not be fixes for the specific scripts there is some good news, Alexander Blade has updated his Alice script engine, which allows you to install LUA mods for GTA IV.

You can grab a copy of the updated script from here, but note that mods will no longer work in multiplayer in line with rockstar's banniong of mods online.

Posted On 28th Mar 2009 By Sheep
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Comments The last comment was posted on 29th Mar 2009 by Sheep
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Comment by Psy posted on 29th Mar 2009:

Good to hear. Was some pretty awesome scripts for Alice. Especially that in-game trainer thing some guy made using the dll hook or whatever it is.

Comment by Sheep posted on 29th Mar 2009:

Yeah, there was some pretty fun scripts too smile.gif

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