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Lost And Damned Reviews & New Info

Reviews have started appearing online for The Lost And Damned. Here are a list of them so far, courtesy of Jon Wills.

TotalVideoGames (10/10)
Kikizo (9/10)
Computer And Video Games (9/10)
IGN (8.6/10)
EuroGamer (8/10)
Team Xbox (9.7/10)

In other news... You may be surprised to learn that there is full frontal male nudity in one of The Lost And Damned's cutscenes. There is actually a video you can watch over at 1up, but bear in mind that watching it will obviously spoil that cutscene in the actual game for you. And I suppose make you a little bit gay... Do not watch if easily offended. But then, don't play the game either...

Rockstar have added a new Weazel News video to their website with a report about biker gangs.

And finally, the content is live to download from 3 AM Eastern time, which translates to 8 AM tomorrow for people in the UK and weighs in at 1.78 GB.

Posted On 16th Feb 2009 By Psy
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Comments The last comment was posted on 20th Mar 2009 by j0ey_F1nG4z
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Comment by Stoic Person Eater posted on 16th Feb 2009:

QUOTE(Psy @ Feb 16 2009, 05:10 PM) View Original Post
And finally, the content is live to download from 3 AM Eastern time, which translates to 8 AM tomorrow for people in the UK.


Now I can sleep until 3AM.

Comment by Harrop posted on 16th Feb 2009:

Thanks Psy, I was just wondering what time it went live, I was hoping I'd be able to download it at midnight, oh well that means I have to wait until I finish work at 5:30pm tomorrow sad.gif lol.

Comment by 1UP posted on 17th Feb 2009:

Wow, it will be a miracle if that doesn't get the media roaring, but then again it will also be funny as hell. Isn't this worse then hot coffee? If it does get found by the media, I wonder what spin for a name they will have.

O and reviews *yaaaay*. Seems the lost is going to be some great DLC. Now, if it only comes out on PC. >=(

Comment by j0ey_F1nG4z posted on 20th Mar 2009:

I watched it and liked it, no homo

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