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Lost & Damned Multiplayer Preview

Courtesy of the ragtag gaming blog Destructoid, we now have a first look at the multiplayer component of The Lost & Damned expansion pack. Fans of the early PS1 game Road Rash will feel right at home with one of the modes described:

Fans of Electronic Arts' missing-in-action series Road Rash will be thrilled to know it makes a spirtual return in The Lost and Damned. The 16-player "Race" mode has been tweaked to fit nicely into the game's narrative -- racers can perform billy club attacks on bikers aside them, using a combination of light and heavy melee attacks. There are buttons assigned to both right and left attacks; to perform a heavy attack, you hold and charge the button, releasing the unleashed your club of doom.

Also included is Lone Wolf Biker, GTA's answer to Halo's Juggernaut, and Own The City which is your basic "capture the territories" type of game. People who play Free Mode and other classic GTAIV multiplayer games shouldn't worry as they have also been added to the TLAD playlist as well.

The Lost & Damned expansion hits Xbox Live and retailers Feburary 17th for the Xbox 360.

Links: Destructoid

Posted On 12th Feb 2009 By Pyrocy
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Comment by Destruction-Overdrive posted on 12th Feb 2009:


Comment by bOnEs posted on 12th Feb 2009:

you said it mang... i love road rash dammit!!

Comment by PyroHazard posted on 12th Feb 2009:

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Comment by Destruction-Overdrive posted on 13th Feb 2009:

QUOTE(PyroHazard @ Feb 12 2009, 09:09 PM) View Original Post
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For sure.

Comment by Stoic Person Eater posted on 13th Feb 2009:

I cannot wait any longer for this. I'm going to freeze myself until Monday night at 11:59PM. When I awaken from my icy slumber, I will download this game and call into work sick with the flu.

I'll probably play the multiplayer before I even really touch the storyline.

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