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New Chinatown Wars Previews!

With the release date for Chinatown Wars set for mid-March we've finally reached game preview time! Recently several of the major gaming websites were given the opportunity to get a preview of the newest Grand Theft Auto game for the Nintendo DS.

Several of the new feature details include:
  • You'll be able to reach the rooftops of buildings by climbing up the fire escapes.
  • Due to the size of the cartridge all licensed music in the game will only be instrumentals. There will be spoken audio for the peds though.
  • If you do a donut with your car before driving off you'll get a speed boost, and flames will shoot out of the back of your car setting any peds nearby on fire.
  • You can get Molotov cocktails by going to any gas station and filling up as many bottles as you have within the time limit.

Check out the previews for yourself!

Posted On 20th Jan 2009 By OptimumPx
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Comments The last comment was posted on 21st Jan 2009 by TreeFitty
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Comment by TreeFitty posted on 20th Jan 2009:

I'm really hoping most/all of the new features in this game will be in the next console GTA.

Chinatown Wars is sounding better and better.

Comment by neko_ceko posted on 21st Jan 2009:

QUOTE(TreeFitty @ Jan 21 2009, 05:44 AM) View Original Post
I'm really hoping most/all of the new features in this game will be in the next console GTA.

Except for only instrumental music :/

Comment by TreeFitty posted on 21st Jan 2009:

That's more of a setback than a feature. I think that will not continue for a console game... unless they need the space. sad.gif

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