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NVIDIA releases drivers optimized for GTA IV

The folks at NVIDIA have released a new beta-driver package, Forceware 180.84, specifically optimized for use in Grand Theft Auto 4 on PC.

Improvement in frames per second varies from just a few to over 10. More than enough to give these drivers a try if you feel GTA4's performance is letting you down.

Head on over to and grab your driver package. Be sure to share your results in our forums!

Posted On 07th Dec 2008 By CygnusX
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Comments The last comment was posted on 27th Dec 2008 by SJActress
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Comment by Ayreon posted on 07th Dec 2008:

CygnusX back and posting t3h news. Well hazaah!

Comment by scruffyscruffy posted on 07th Dec 2008:

Is this game just for GTA4 or does ot work with anything?

Comment by CygnusX posted on 07th Dec 2008:

QUOTE(scruffyscruffy @ Dec 7 2008, 07:38 PM) View Original Post
Is this game just for GTA4 or does ot work with anything?

If by 'game' you mean 'drivers' then yes it works with anything, but especially well (or allegedly) with GTA4.

Comment by scruffyscruffy posted on 07th Dec 2008:

yea, thats what I meant.

Comment by TheAnalogKid2112 posted on 07th Dec 2008:

I love you scruffyscruffy!!

Comment by Thrifty94 posted on 09th Dec 2008:

still failing to load polygons

Comment by HEAT84 posted on 12th Dec 2008:

Does GTA IV support Physx? Anybody know anything about Physx? I never heard of it until I installed these drivers. I guess it couldn't hurt to enable it?

In the Nvidia settings where you can custimize settings for diferent games, it has Grand Theft Auto 4(gtaiv.exe) and Grand Theft Auto 4 (launchgtaiv.exe). WTF?? When I check "Show only programs installed on this computer" , the gtaiv.exe one disappears. I thought launchgtaiv.exe was just Securom in disguise.

Edit: this new forum software must have an anti-double posting feature. I did reply but it added to my previous post instead. ohmy.gif I hit the back button to make sure I wasn't crazy.

Comment by SJActress posted on 27th Dec 2008:

While I own a desktop, for some reason, it has a laptop graphics card (Nvidia Geforce Go 7600). According to Can You Run It, my graphics card isn't actually good enough anyway, but I was wondering if I should bother installing this download at all.

The game runs on my system, but like many people, I can only see the car and it's immediate surroundings. I can't see enough to actually drive it anywhere.

I can never get an answer from Nvidia about this, as my desktop seems to be the only one in the WORLD with a laptop graphics card (shipped that way).

ETA: I decided to give this driver a go. It's telling me that the driver is only supposed to be used on a Vista 32-bit system, and the install terminates. Fair enough, except that my OS is Vista 32-bit!

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