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IGN PC Version Review

The second review to hit us now is from IGN. Going into a game recap of characters and atmosphere mixed with PC version features about the controls, the replay feature, freedom of music selection, online play and more... The article seems to heavily hint the need of a beefy machine to run GTA IV for PC without problem, so if you need to upgrade your computer you may want to do it now!

Short summary of article:

"The PC version comes with a few added features, such as online filters for finding matches, the ability to save clips and edit them together, added graphics and control options, as well as a larger player capacity in some of the multiplayer modes. Though you'll need a high-powered system to truly experience the PC version's enhanced visuals, Liberty City is still a wonder to behold."

The two-page long article can be read here.

Posted On 03rd Dec 2008 By 1UP
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