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PC Version Released

GTA4 has been released on PC in North America, and will be available worldwide in the next 24 hours. I thought I'd give all of the new gamers a reminder of everything we have available on the website which can assist you on your quest through the game.

Can Your PC Run It?
It's pretty important to make sure your computer can handle the game before you go out and buy it. Check out the PC System Specs page for the requirements.

Mission Guides / Objective Maps
We've got guides covering all of the missions, and everything else required for 100% completion of the game. You can check them out on our Guides page.

100% Completion Checklist
If you want to keep track of your game completion and see everything you've got left to do, our 100% checklist will prove to be very useful indeed. Register an account (which takes 30 seconds), and you can begin checking off your objectives whenever you do them in-game. No only that, but you'll get a gamer-card style banner to use as a signature showing your completion to everyone. Get checking with the 100% Completion Checklist.

PC Screenshot Uploads
A special feature I built into the site specifically for the PC version of the game is the ability for visitors on the site to upload their own screenshots. Simply save your images from in game in JPEG format, and attach them to the site. Once an admin checks them to make sure they're suitable, we'll post them in a gallery for everyone to view. Upload Your Own Screenshots or view the User Screenshots Gallery.

Coming Soon
We'll have some new guides on the website soon, mainly to assist you with modding the game, as well as hopefully a list of the PC cheats. We're also aiming to offer plenty of trainers, tools and mods for download, so stay tuned for them, and let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see.

Posted On 02nd Dec 2008 By Psy
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Comment by Dedeleko posted on 02nd Dec 2008:

can u believe it? last thursday my fucking cooler broke so now i have a big ventilator beside my open computer, but can't play any games sad.gif hopefully im getting a new cooler + gta iv on 5th december (sinterklaas in NL biggrin.gif) and im finnaly able to playyy smile.gif

Comment by punxtr posted on 02nd Dec 2008:

At least your computer is good enough to run it.

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