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Australia To Recieve Uncut Version of GTA IV PC

As Australia's GTA IV PC release date gets closer, gamers are excited to learn that the chart-topping title will be uncensored. While the console versions needed to cut out those nifty prostitution perks (and some unknown others) in order to meet those strict guidelines down under, the PC version will be absolutely limitless in the case of content.

Australia's Classification Board and their strict rating system isn't unknown to the gaming industry. Another title, F.E.A.R. 2, was refused classification for failing to meet the ACB's MA15+ guidelines. Once a game has been given this rating, it cannot be sold in Australia. In total, five games have been banned due to the RC rating in 2008.

A local Rockstar rep had this to say,

"Grand Theft Auto IV PC has been rated MA15+ strong violence, sex scenes, coarse language, and drug references by the Australian Classification Office. The PC game is unedited in any way and identical in content to the international version,"

So, congratulations Aussie PC gamers! You'll have your taste of the real Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar intended you to have.

Source: GameSpot AU

Posted On 01st Dec 2008 By Mattay
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Comments The last comment was posted on 02nd Dec 2008 by Darth Sexy
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Comment by 1UP posted on 02nd Dec 2008:

A first for everything I suppose.

Comment by Darth Sexy posted on 02nd Dec 2008:

Ahhh yes, I remember when they said the console version would be uncut as well. I'll believe it when I see it. As I never figured out what was actually cut, I don't really care either way. Also, my friend got it for PC today and said it's buggy as shit.

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