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GTA IV PC Updates

Once again, apologies for the lack of updates recently. Our newsposters are busy with other commitments for the time being. If you'd like to help out, email us - details can be found on our Contact page - or PM me on the forums.

And now, the news.

GTA IV PC DRM FAQ (would you like anymore acronyms?):

Rockstar has released a guide explaining the copy protection (re: digital rights management) that will be used in the PC version of GTA IV. Here are the details, condensed for your easy reading:

- Hard copies (disc): Activation via Internet, each copy can only be activated once at a time, but there are no limits to how many times it can be installed.
- Legally downloaded copies: Five parallel installations.
- A fallback system for players with no internet access will be available, and will involve using an internet-enabled PC to activate the game.
- SecuROM takes care of the activation procedures (let's hope they've fixed it so that it no longer corrupts Windows, eh?).
- Rockstar says that pirated copies will not be fully playable.

[Source: The Complete FAQ at]

Polish Version Extras:

Polish website has revealed that the Polish version of GTA IV PC will include a few extras that the rest of us won't be able to get our hands on. These include:

- A Polish copy of "Voice of Liberty City," a guide to the various hotspots in LC.
- A detailed plan of the Liberty City streets.
- A player guide describing the new feature in the PC version of the game that weren't available in the console versions (i.e. video uploads).
- A unique code to access hidden features in the Games for Windows - Live service.

[Source: Original (Polish), Google Translation (English)]

Video Editor Tutorial:

GameTrailers has released a video showing the video editor in action. Click the links below to view it.

Exclusive Video Editor Tutorial - High Definition
Exclusive Video Editor Tutotial - Standard Definition

Only three days to go!

Posted On 28th Nov 2008 By DuffMan
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Article Comments

Comment by DuPz0r posted on 28th Nov 2008:

Polski Eh...? why!

Comment by DrS posted on 29th Nov 2008:

I think I will cancel my pre-order because of this securom crap angry.gif ... And order the game onto steam.

Comment by 1UP posted on 01st Dec 2008:

Wow ,we are not even told if they fixed securom from fucking up our PC's? O well, I'll hear about it before I have a comp that can run GTA IV.

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